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Stillness in Mind

a companion to mindfulness, meditation and living

by Simon Cole

counsellor, therapist, meditation teacher

>  no Sanskrit terms, no gurus, no mystique

>  less a set of instructions... more a challenge to the reader to work on themselves.

Simon Cole has formulated a meditation path for a modern age, grounded in Western therapeutic tradition.

He invites the reader to sit alongside themselves and discover the person they truly are.      


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Everyday mindfulness         "Being with"                        Visiting our pain                Clear Space


Simon Cole's mindfulness blog : A Mindful Life




Simon Cole:  "I am a senior-accredited practitioner, a professional member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and have worked in the field of counselling and therapy for around 30 years. I trained at Newcastle University and the College of Ripon & York St John (now York St John University), being awarded a Masters in Counselling with distinction.  I also studied transactional analysis for a year, and relationship counselling with Joseph Zinker.
Simon Cole
"As well as working with the Samaritans, I have worked professionally as a counsellor, in drug and alcohol intervention services, primary and secondary care in the NHS, and have maintained a regular private caseload of counselling and supervision.

"I practise meditation and I have a personal and professional interest in the integration of a practise of mindfulness and the transformative possibilities of meditation, with the sense of presence in relationship expounded by Martin Buber... the possibility which these offer of a channel for spirituality in all of us.  Working now from Le Sentier Tranquille retreat centre in France I am able to add walking and our outside world to offer a counselling of mindfulness and nature."

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