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Official Launch by Changemakers Books Sep/Oct 2014
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Stillness in Mind  is the guide for everyone, to what we were all born with, then lost as we grew through childhood, and struggle to reclaim in the often inhospitable expanses of adulthood:

            peace          space           clarity         mindfulness

The author challenges - ìSo what does it take to satisfy you?î

He reassures - ìThis mindful sense of what our love is does not have to be the same for both partners.î

He comforts - ìPeace is a state of mind. And at its heart is being still.î

There are insights for client and therapist alike, with anecdotes as well as practical and theoretical material. 

Method without mystique places meditation as a companion along the road, but never the road itself.


Everyday mindfulness and mindfulness every day : part 1
not being distracted;  eating into mindfulness
Everyday mindfulness and mindfulness every day : part 2
not judging, not censoring
Clear Space meditation path : part 1
five precepts;  mindfulness as the channel;
thoughts, thinking and the ësenseí of a thing
Some practicalities
posture and sitting;  contemplation after meditation; 
  distractions; difficulty with motivation
Everyday mindfulness and mindfulness every day : part 3
mindfulness of feelings
Being ourselves and visiting our pain
        attachment, disappointment, sadness, regret, remorse,
        guilt jealousy, anger, anxiety, stress; meditation and pain
Clear Space meditation path : part 2
empathy;  the process of ëbeing withí
A word about mantras
Being still, not waiting
just being;  the ësense of me andÖí
Meditation on the experience of peace
Love and its confusions
Meditation on being alive
A sense of a self
Meditation on being just who I am
Clear Space
Meditation of benevolence for our world
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Reviews for Stillness in Mind

"Simon Cole is a counsellor, therapist and meditation teacher... with deep understanding of his subject. 

He takes you on a journey to explain clearly the various levels of meditation and how it can heal the stressed and busy mind to move you into a much greater self-understanding... finding that wonderfully peaceful and joyful "clear space" within. 

A 'must read' for all that are interested in meditation." 

...Stafford Whiteaker, The Good Retreat Guide 2014

"I like this, it's good material, well written."

...John Hunt, publisher

"I really enjoyed reading 'Stillness in Mind'... refreshing to read about mindfulness and meditation from a Person-Centred/Counselling perspective. I found the descriptions and meditations... accessible and informative. 

The story of the Buddha listening to the wind was thought-provoking.

I found the idea of linking breathing meditations with different mind states useful... the author's description of self-actualisation... clearer than other ideas about development I have come across in meditation and psychotherapy."

I would highly recommend the book to both introductory and more advanced mindfulness practitioners."

...Simon Carver, counsellor & psychotherapist

"As a reader of many books on meditation, I was struck by three things about this book: 

> the author's approach seemed fresh ... following his text I have tried out his method ...        a new way of meditation for me. 

> his voice is very friendly and approachable

>the lack of religion, which opens it to a wider audience"

...Tim Ward, author of 'What the Buddha Never Taught' 


The author is a senior-accredited counsellor and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
He worked in psychological therapy in the UK for 25 years (a large part within the NHS) before moving to SW France to found a retreat centre
He now works as counsellor, therapist and meditation teacher from Le Sentier Tranquille in Ariège as well as in the UK
He may be contacted by email : or by telephone : +33 (0)561 01 52 08

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